We tested a HIIT course. Curvature to the bones, we are ready to decipher this cardio and fitness trend that seduces more and more sports. HIIT the road, Jack!

What is HIIT?

HIIT is not a sport in itself. It is a training technique conceptualized by Izumi Tabata, a Japanese teacher. Hence the Tabata protocol, the best known form of HIIT, which consists of alternating eight times a maximum effort of 20 seconds and a recovery of 10 seconds, for an intense training of only 4 minutes.

In French, High Intensity Interval Training translates to "high intensity interval training". The principle: a short session, 30 to 45 minutes maximum, during which we maintain a constant effort, interspersed with peaks at very high intensity.

It's like running in fractional, but applied to all sports. We can do a HIIT session of swimming, cardio, cycling, bodybuilding ... Crossfit also is a form of HIIT.

HIIT: Why less training is more effective?

"HIIT is the perfect sport for people who work long hours in the office and do not have time for regular weight training sessions," says coach Tom Rivet. dyears the Parisian sports hall Front de Seine.

But how is it that such a short meeting suffices?

First, because of the diversity of movements: "The HIIT is a series of complete movements that solicit all the muscles of the body at once, unlike muscle machines, on which muscle by muscle is worked", explains Rivet.

Then, thanks to theafterburn effect. HIIT is so intense that it helps to speed up the basal metabolism for up to 24 hours after training. The body continues to burn calories well after the session to recover.

How is a HIIT bodybuilding session? We tested!

To know how to use the HIIT for muscle reinforcement, we went to test the HIIT Force course of the Front de Seine.

Before you start, attach a heart rate sensor around your chest. Our pulse appears under our name on the screen that overlooks the room. The goal: to check that we are "in the red". #PasdeTriche

After ten minutes to repeat the movements to be sure to achieve them, we start the 30 minutes at high intensity. On the program, series of sauteed squats, squats with weights, thrown shoulders, pumps, climber and slits.

Each time, we repeat a movement for about 1m30 before moving on to the next. Promised, it's sluggish.

The abdominal exercises announce the imminent and saving arrival of the streching.

How many times a week do you have to do HIIT to get muscle?

HIIT alone is not enough to build muscles. "HIIT training needs to be part of your sport routine and regular weight training sessions," says Rivet.

If we do 5 sports sessions per week for example, the coach advises 2 sessions of HIIT.

When we start, we can be content with a HIIT session combined with a bodybuilding session. Thus, one works effectively the cardio and the muscular reinforcement.

Beginner in HIIT: the precautions to take

Originally, Professor Tabata imagined HIIT to improve the performance of the Japanese Olympic speed skating team.

So is the HIIT really recommended to the average sportswomen we are? For coach Tom Rivet, yes!

"If a beginner launches into a HIIT session at home with a video, he runs the risk of getting hurt. But with a coach, we adapt the load and intensity to each case and there is no danger, "he says.

In short, unless the doctor contraindications, everyone can do HIIT.

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