Sleep well, it is essential for our organization.

So to anticipate bedtime and sleep soothing, there are some exercises to repeat every night, to quickly plunge into the arms of Morpheus.

To you restful sleep, thanks to the advice of the coach Julie Ferrez!

woman relaxation zen bed
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Exercising the turtle to sleep better

Sit on a floor mat, join the flat of the feet.

Put your hands under your toes and hold your feet as you can get your head up between your legs.
Relax the back.

Back up, leaning back and holding your knees.
Then release completely.

Hold the time for 6 breaths.

Make the palm tree sit down to relax before sleeping

To go cross-legged on a sports mat.
Clasp your hands, cross your fingers, and raise your arms above your head, turning them so that your palms are up to the sky.

Stretch to the maximum and then return with your hands at the knees.

Make a series of 5 repetitions.

Rise of knees to relax before going to bed

Lying on your back, legs stretched, hands flat on the floor.

Raise your leg and press your knee against your chest with your hands.
Hold and release.

Repeat the exercise by alternating the legs.

Make a series of 6 repetitions with each leg.

Relaxation to sleep better: plowing exercise

Lie on your back.
Roll your legs over your head and tip your feet to the ground.

Help yourself with your hands if needed to maintain your back if you are not stable.
Keep your hands flat on the floor if you hold it in this position.

Hold the time for 6 breaths.

Slowly unroll the spine and spread the legs by sticking the flat feet between them.

relaxed zen woman
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Make the position of the shoemaker to relax

Lie on your back.
The position of the shoemaker is to stick the flat of his feet by spreading the knees as far as possible.

Lay your hands on the ground, palms facing the sky.

Hold in this position as much as possible to relax the spine and thereby relieve pressure.

By repeating all these exercises every night before going to sleep, you will find that you will be perfectly relaxed.

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