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5 relaxation exercises to sleep better

Sleep well, it is essential for our organization. So to anticipate bedtime and sleep soothing, there are some exercises to repeat every night, to quickly plunge into the arms of Morpheus. To you restful sleep, thanks to the advice of the coach Julie Ferrez! Getty images / Hoxton / Tom Merton Exercising the turtle to […]

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Sport and relaxation: the watsu

What is Watsu? Watsu is an adaptation of shiatsu, a Japanese relaxation method that involves practicing certain points of support on the body using the hands, thumbs, elbows or knees. For its part, the watsu is practiced in a pool of hot water, close to body temperature, by a practitioner. It is about being carried […]


Qi gong, a Chinese purifying gym

I tested the qi gong: I warm upI tested the qi gong: I contortI tested qi gong: I purify my body I tested the qi gong: I warm up Forest of Fontainebleau. After a good market, Ke Wen, my qi gong teacher, has our little troop stop in a clearing, the perfect place to communicate […]


4 gym exercises to improve your posture

There is a really simple way to completely transform your silhouette with little effort: Stand upright! Of course, you (and anyone who has ever tried not to be bothered) know that it's easier said than done. A reminder: Your position is perfect when your shoulders are aligned to your hips, your torso is bulging and […]