1m62 and 62.4kg: Here is the size and average weight of French women, according to a study conducted on the silhouette of the inhabitants of the hexagon. A silhouette that changes faster than one might think, since our bodies are not like those of our mothers, let alone our grandmothers.

Indeed, over the past forty years, we have grown about two centimeters, but also gained two pounds: proof that we are far from the so-called "10 points of difference" rule, which would like a woman to weigh 52 kilograms 1m62.

  • AT down the complexes!

This size and weight therefore represent an average, but absolutely not a box in which to slip. Like this statement that says "the French woman is thin": far from it, since according to the Institute French Textile and Clothing, only 13.15% of our fellow citizens can slip into a coat below size 38! All the others are above.

What does the average Frenchwoman look like?

  • Do we love ourselves as we are

We can not emphasize this enough : our ideal silhouette must be the one in which we feel good, not the one that makes us dream on glossy paper. Because yes ladies: as long as we can not photoshoper its cellulite, grow a few centimeters without heels or erase the gum roundness that we dislike, we are not ready to all look like models. And maybe it's better like that!