The loving virgin

You will be on a small cloud. You will touch the seventh heaven ... So much to tell you that you should not forget this summer. Happiness, sharing, gentleness and complicity will be at the rendezvous.

For many of you, it will be a key period that will see you make the "big jump". It will be a question of marriage, the arrival of a child, a real estate acquisition. Anyway you'll be thrilled!

In conjugal crisis

It will be an important time that will determine the rest of your relationship. Strong planetary influxes will light up your sky. Under such protection, it will be up to you to play and give your relationship a second chance.

If you give yourself the means to find yourself, your situation will only get better. Otherwise, the stars will lead you on another path sentimental.

The Single Virgin this summer

It will be summer to meet and find love. Give yourself every chance of finding it. So, whatever happens during your holidays, say yes to outings and invitations.

Become an actress of your life and especially open to love. It's an awesome summer waiting for you so expect to live something that will revolutionize your life.

The right sign for the Virgin

A Scorpion or a Bull.

To avoid :

A native of Cancer.

Sex-affinities for Virgo

Be passionate about a Capricorn.

Boredom will win you with an Aquarius.

Favorable period